Customer FAQ

Each vendor has a “Contact Store” section on the side of their Shop page. Simply include the subject of your inquiry, your email address, and your message and the vendor will be notified directly!

We are proud to accept almost all major credit and debit cards via Stripe Connect!

Shipping and order fulfillment are handled by our individual Vendors, who decide which countries they will ship to. The Product Page for an item lists the Vendor’s country under “Ships From”, and the Shipping tab of the Product Page lists the shipping rates for the Vendor!

In addition, you will be notified on both the Cart page and during Checkout if you have chosen a product from a Vendor who does not ship to your country.

Once a vendor has shipped an order, they have the ability to add tracking information to the order. If a vendor adds tracking information for your order, you will receive an email notification with the tracking info.

Please note that vendors are not required to upload tracking information. If tracking information has not been uploaded for your order, you can always contact the vendor via the “Contact Store” section on the side of their Shop page, and request that they do so!

Be sure to first check the Vendor’s Shipping Policy listed under the Vendor Policies tab of the product page for the item you have ordered. In addition, if the vendor has uploaded tracking information for the order, review the tracking info to confirm the item is not still listed as being “In Transit”.

If the typical shipping window listed in the vendor’s Shipping Policy (or two weeks if the vendor has not listed their Shipping Policy) has passed, or if the tracking information states the item was delivered but you never received it, contact the vendor directly using the “Contact Store” section on the side of their Shop page.

Most vendors will typically work with you to ensure your happiness with your order. This may involve a refund or replacement for the item, and vendors may also work with you to file a Missing Mail Claim with the shipping service.

Any refund requests will be submitted by the vendor to Uniquely Connected directly, and if approved will be processed via Stripe Connect.

After an order has been placed, each vendor associated with any of the items purchased in the order will receive the order details. The shipping costs charged to the customer are given to the vendor alongside their commission.

Each vendor is then responsible for fulfilling/shipping their part of the order, and has the ability to mark the order as “Shipped” in their vendor dashboard. Vendors can also use the dashboard to upload any tracking information for the order, which will then be sent to the customer.

Each vendor has the ability to set a Return Policy for their store, listed under the Vendor Policies tab on each product page. Please refer to the vendor’s individual Return Policy for information regarding returns or exchanges for their items.

In the event that a vendor has not set a Return Policy for their store, you may contact the vendor via the “Contact Store” section on the side of their Shop page to ask about their policy. Please note that unless stated in a vendor’s store policy or otherwise agreed to by the vendor, returns and exchanges are not accepted.

Vendor FAQ

Absolutely! If you offer products meant to help or empower those with disabilities, you can Click Here to apply to be a Uniquely Connected vendor and sell your items on your very own custom Shop page!

To apply to become a Uniquely Connected Vendor, simply submit our contact form below or send an email to Trace@UniquelyConnected.org with a description of your business and the products you offer! We will typically respond within 24 – 48 hours with a decision, or to request additional info!

Uniquely Connected collects 10% of each sale made by its vendors, before tax & shipping costs. There are no start-up fees or monthly subscription costs associated with being a Uniquely Connected vendor!

Vendors are paid instantly at the time their products are purchased. Vendor commission payments are made directly to the vendor’s bank account via Stripe Connect. Vendor commissions include any shipping costs, sales tax, or applicable fees paid by the customer.

Vendor sales tax rates are calculated based on the location of the vendor’s store, as well as any other state or country in which the vendor has a presence requiring the collection of sales tax.

When a customer makes a purchase, the order details and vendor dashboard will display a breakdown of item prices, shipping costs, and taxes for the order. The vendor receives their commission as well as any associated shipping costs and sales taxes collected, and vendors are responsible for remitting those taxes to the state.

You can add tracking info for an order by clicking “Tracking Information” under the order in the Orders tab of your vendor dashboard. Simply select the Shipping Provider, add the Tracking Number and Date Shipped, and submit! Your customer will be notified of the tracking info via email.

If a customer requests a refund for one of your products and you approve the refund, you can submit a refund request by clicking “Refund” under the order in the Orders tab of your vendor dashboard. Simply select the items or amounts in the order that you wish to refund, enter a reason for the refund if you choose, and submit the request! We will then process the request and, if approved, apply the refund via Stripe Connect.